The City Of Durango CO And Its Restaurants Are One Of A Kind

Have you heard of Durango, Colorado? It may not be one of the largest cities in the state, but it is well known. When touring the state of Colorado, getting to know the state or picking a vacation destination, Durango is going to surface. It has just under 200 restaurants, and yes we are going to focus on places to eat to make it easy for you. You should already have an easy time picking fun attractions that fit your fancy, so take a look at these top ranked restaurants in Durango, Colorado.

Durango features a top restaurant called Michel’s Corner Crepes. Don’t you wish you had a restaurant in your city that focused on crepes. That sounds absolutely delicious. If you are going to be in Durango, you can find Michel’s Crepes on Main Avenue. The words ‘chocolate hazelnut’ are in the menu highlights, and that just makes me drool.

On to the next top establishment in Durango CO though. Derailed Pour House is located on Main Avenue as well, and it is a great spot for burgers, wings and apple pie. Also, they have on the menu pulled pork tacos. I told you Durango was an interesting place. I make pulled pork all the time, but I have never eaten it in tacos. That sounds unique and very delicious.

The whole city of Durango is about as unique and special as what you have found in the restaurants so far. Durango will not disappoint, and so I do highly recommend you take a relaxing vacation there. You already know you are going to be eating some excellent food you may have not ever heard of before. Unique is the key word here when it comes to the city of Durango, Colorado, as there is no other city like it out there.