More Coloradans Are Obeying the ‘Move over’ Law, but Why Not All of Them?

Colorado’s “Move Over” law has been around for 15 years, requiring drivers to move over to give first responders room to work along the side of the road. Drivers either didn’t know that, or didn’t care, until recently.

In Greenwood Village, the numbers are moving in the right direction; at one point, up to 70 percent of drivers weren’t moving over to the next lane. Now, about 70 percent of the drivers do, thanks to publicity, road signs and increased enforcement by about 30 agencies in Colorado.

The other 30 percent of drivers, according to Commander Eric Schmitt with Greenwood Village Police Department, say they simply think slowing down is enough, despite the law saying firmly that a driver must move to the next lane.

“Slowing down to 55 miles an hour doesn’t cut it,” Schmitt says. “If an officer falls in front of you, and you’re unable to stop, we still have the same catastrophe.”

Catastrophes like the one Schmitt refers to are on top of mind. Colorado Trooper Cody Donahue died less than a year ago along I-25.

Another round of enforcement action is planned for Tuesday on I-25.

Next’s full interview with Schmitt is in the video above.

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