How to Save Money at the Dentist

Going to the dentist is not something that most people enjoy doing. It’s a half an hour or more of being in the chair or on the table with bright lights pointing into their eyes as a stranger pokes, prods, and scrapes their teeth, trying to clean them and find anything that needs correcting.

Even in a healthy mouth, these cleanings and checkups need to happen every six months. The problem is that such services are not always cheap, and yet they need to happen in order to keep your mouth a bright and vibrant smile.

If you happen to work for an employer that offers dental benefits or insurance, then your appointments might be largely covered by your company and your paycheck contributions. At the least, you might be able to access reduced pricing for preferred clients.

If you’re not insured, there are still ways to enjoy saving money at the dentist. If you live within driving range of one of the handful of dental schools across the nation, and there are just under a dozen, then you can get reduced-cost dentistry work done by those training to be professionals who are students working on live patients under the supervision of actual dentists.

Also keep an eye out for coupons and fliers in the mail. Many dentists that are opening up new offices or trying to build up their client list send out ads with very aggressive pricing or short-term deals you can take advantage of, especially if you’ve never been there before. It’s not uncommon to get a full x-ray, exam, and professional cleaning for less than a hundred dollars, if a place is trying to fill its schedule when kids are in school or they’re trying to poach patients from a competitor.