Casa Bonita Featured During NFL Draft Broadcast

LAKEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4) – The Denver Broncos spiced things up on the third day of the NFL Draft by announcing some of their picks from Casa Bonita in Lakewood.

Fans wait to enter Casa Bonita on Saturday. (credit: Andy Cross/The Denver Post via Getty Images)

The early part of Saturday’s broadcast by the NFL Network featured pick announcements at fun locations across the country. The Minnesota Vikings got pretty creative by having the U.S. Curling Team announce their picks, but the Broncos had the most fun!

Former Broncos QB Jake Plummer an Broncos mascot Miles get fans going at Casa Bonita. (credit: Andy Cross/The Denver Post via Getty Images)

For the first selection in the fourth round (pick No. 106), former Broncos quarterback Jake Plummer appeared at the top of Casa Bonita’s “cliff” and had cliff divers doing flips into the water next to him.

Casa Bonita cliff divers Conor Morrison, left, and Matt Jagiello, bottom center, dive in front of fans. (credit: Andy Cross/The Denver Post via Getty Images)

For the second selection in the round (pick No. 113), former Broncos center K.C. Jones was surrounded by the Mexican theme restaurant’s mariachi band as he announced the pick.

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And next to him appeared what must have been the silliest part of the whole thing: Miles the Mascot in a swimsuit.

(credit: NFL Network)

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